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Our classrooms all feature an innovative design that allow children to access all equipment with ease. There is a diverse range of educational equipment and structured play areas within each classroom, each linked to the UK Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework and our own creative curriculum.

Our open-plan classrooms encourage children to explore, discover and create. Each classroom features a unique layout specific to their age group. The classrooms offer small-world play concepts to engage the children’s imagination, a building and construction area to support mathematical development, and an array of books, puzzles and literary resources to support communication and language.

Our furniture has been ergonomically designed and handmade in Italy for the comfort and enjoyment of children in their age-specific classroom. Our natural-coloured collection of tables and chairs offer the ideal space for our children to draw, paint and create.

Each classroom features a large carpet with comfortable pillows, where your child will socialise with friends and play with a variety of different toys, games, puzzles and educational material. A signature Treehouse Nursery wall decal is present in each classroom that identifies the animal of which each class is named after.

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We accept children from one to four years of age.
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  • Treehouse Nursery is open daily from Monday through to Friday. Opening hours are from 7am to 4pm.

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