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The curriculum has been carefully designed to balance the four main EYFS principals: a unique child; positive relationships; enabling environments; and learning and development. Our lessons plans are based on the topic of the month and cover the following areas of learning, as per the EYFS framework:

Communication and Language Development

At Treehouse Nursery we offer activities where children have the opportunity to share their ideas with their peers, have conversations with adults in the classroom, listen to stories and sing songs. These all help the children to be more confident speakers, while increasing their vocabulary.

Personal, social and emotional

Children enhance their development by building positive relationships with peers and having a true sense of belonging. Treehouse Nursery reinforces its ‘Education Starts Here’ principles by encouraging children to interact with each other in group activities, such as playing together, completing tasks as a unified team, managing their emotions, and being courteous to peers.

Expressive arts and design

Children have powerful imaginations that allow them to transform into a painter, a singer, a fashion designer and much more instantaneously! Through music, art, dance, role play and stories, Treehouse Nursery provides opportunities for children to express their own feelings and appreciate those of their peers.


Literacy development involves ensuring our children are immersed in literary material to ignite their interest and enjoyment. They are provided with a range of opportunities to discover the joys of mark making, story-telling and table-top activities. We encourage our children to learn new sounds and skills in a manner that promotes a love for language and reading.

Physical development

Treehouse Nursery understands that parents would like their children to have a positive attitude towards their own health and physical wellbeing. Therefore, motor skill development has been placed at the core of indoor and outdoor play, whether this involves playing with toys, sitting down to paint, or sticking together a mini art project. As a result, children are supported to independently improve their coordination, orientation skills and more. In addition, our educators are focused on supporting important development milestones for each child, allowing them to gradually become more independent by learning to put their shoes on, use the toilet, ensure personal hygiene, and learn more about healthy nutrition and physical growth.


Children at Treehouse Nursery are provided with a range of playful activities to explore the world of mathematics and develop their interest in numeracy, such as learning to recognise different shapes, singing a numbers rhyme, and learning about the concepts of volume and depth when playing with water.

Understanding Of The World

Our children’s Understanding of the world develops as children take notice of everything around them. Our educators use various creative approaches to help children care for nature and better understand their daily environment.


We accept children from one to four years of age.
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