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Daily Life

Children are dropped off daily in their classrooms where they are warmly welcomed by their teachers. Inviting and theme-relevant table activities await the children, to engage them immediately and these can be enjoyed with their parents before they leave.

Our early mornings are typically enjoyed in our large outdoor area, riding bikes, playing in the sandpit and climbing and playing games with our friends and teachers. Each teacher has her own preferred timing for circle time activities, where children gather to take the register, talk about theme related subjects and sing songs. In the colder months, the children spend more time outside, having picnics, doing their arts and crafts activities and enjoying lessons outdoors. We try to make the most of the pleasant weather where possible, and the children thoroughly enjoy spending this time outside.

In the warmer months, we limit our outdoor time to the early mornings and the children enjoy water splash sessions to keep them cool. Our role play room, gymnasium and soft play rooms all provide a space for our children to play and expend energy when it is too hot to play outdoors.

All classes enjoy two music sessions per week with Ms Rosa, one Zumbini lesson per week with Ms Sue and two Arabic lessons each week with Ms Farrah.

During the day we have two meal times, a snack in the morning and lunch. Parents are requested to provide a healthy packed lunch that the children can eat during these times. We encourage water to be the only drink at nursery (with the exception of baby bottles) as this keeps them hydrated, without the intake of empty calories in the form of packed juices.

We have bedding for our children that sleep during the day, and we endeavour to support each child’s sleeping needs and requirements.


We accept children from one to four years of age.
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working hours

  • Treehouse Nursery is open daily from Monday through to Friday. Opening hours are from 7am to 4pm.

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