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Our newly-designed gymnasium has been created with our children’s physical development in mind, and to encourage a love of movement. A wide range of equipment has been carefully sourced to enable them to develop their gross motor skills, learn to play new games and sports with their friends, and to practise fundamental physical education skills, such as throwing or kicking a ball. The gymnasium is also home to our regular music lessons with Ms Rosa, and Zumbini lessons with Ms Sue.

Soft Play Area

Our jungle gym has been custom-designed to provide a safe and exciting play area for our children to move freely and expend some energy. The children are free to climb, jump and slide in the soft play maze, with fun and interactive games and activities along the way. They can engage in play within the ball pit, over a rolling barrel, or on the play panels in order to develop and support their hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills.

Role Play Room

Our role play room has been designed for children to express themselves freely, while also communicating and playing with others. The space is designed to encourage imaginative play and to encourage children to experiment with different role-play scenarios. Literacy, numeracy and other curriculum based activities are designed and led by the classroom teachers to enhance the experience for the children.


We accept children from one to four years of age.
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