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Outdoor Area

Our outdoor area is a large, green, inviting space that celebrates sensory-based play and development. It is age appropriate and incorporates a range of climbing, balancing and ride-on equipment, all carefully designed to support and encourage physical development.

We pride ourselves on our wholesome product selection of the outdoor playground equipment, and the natural timber elements in this space compliment our curriculum requirements. We have rubberised flooring around the equipment ensuring your child’s safety and wellbeing, along with plenty of shaded areas. Our equipment has been sourced from the leading UK manufacturers and all of our playground products are designed, manufactured and installed to the European recognised safety standard.

There is a featured organic garden, a junior car track with realistic road signs and a petrol pump, where children can drive cars and ride tricycles freely and a large shaded sandpit.

During the cooler months, the children can enjoy picnics outdoors on our timber picnic tables and many art and craft lessons take place under the shady trees.


We accept children from one to four years of age.
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  • Treehouse Nursery is open daily from Monday through to Friday. Opening hours are from 7am to 4pm.

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